Bishop Andrae Deon Maze is a native to Akron Ohio; where he was raised and attended Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of the Truth under Overseer Mother Alma Walker and then successor Bishop Ronald L. Henry. Andrae is the youngest sibling of three children by the late Bishop Rufus and Elect-lady Onetta S. Maze. Husband of Elder Tonia R. Maze married on June 17, 2000. He is the father of three beautiful children: Keyanna Cerise Maze, Jazmyne Rosalie Maze, and Andrae Deon Maze Jr.

Andrae have an Associates Degree of Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Akron, Bachelorette Degree of Management from Indiana Wesleyan University where he received a Certificate in Religious Studies.  He is currently finishing his MBA in Management and Leadership graduating December 2013. He will continue his studies to obtain a Masters of Divinity with a focus in Pastoral Counseling and Ministry and a Doctorate of Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Leadership and Management. He is licensed with the state of Ohio to solemnize marriage. Andrae has achieved numerous awards, certificates, scholarships, and etc… for his academics, leadership, musical gifting, and participation in secular and sacred collaborations.

As a member of the Church of God Militant Pillar and Ground of the Truth under the pastorate of Bishop Ronald L. Henry; Andrae served faithfully as guitarist. He ministered in music for the national choirs and conferences of the Church of God M.P.G. of T. He traveled around Ohio and Pennsylvania with his father Bishop Rufus Maze and his brother Elder La-Rufus Maze as they ministered in music for many different Churches and conferences. They were called, “The Maze Soul Revivers.”  Andrae has been recognized and known by many Churches, organizations, and peer groups for his excellence in music ministry.

In 1995 Andrae’s father Bishop Rufus Maze founded and started The Deliverance Overcoming Church of God Inc. Andrae was a faithful member since its inception on December 31, 1995. Using his training as a certified carpenter Andrae built the Church’s first podium. He ministered by cleaning the Church and served as an Intercessor. He also served as Choir Director and musician. Andrae began his ministry in the Word of God as a back up Sunday School Teacher and later became the Adult Sunday School Teacher. Andrae was ordained a Minister of The Deliverance Overcoming Church of God in 2000. Andrae continued to work in the Church by installing the additional interior lights, and help build the handicap ramp with his father-in-law the late Pastor Elder Thomas Duncan. Spiritually he continued to work as the Adult Sunday School Teacher and musician.

             Minister Andrae Maze was ordained an Elder July 21, 2002 by his pastor the late Bishop Rufus Maze. One of Andrae’s first assignments as Elder with the aid of his pastor was to formalize and create The Deliverance Overcoming Church of God government and doctrine book for outlining the ministry and what we believe. Andrae completed this task in 2003 where the books were distributed to all members. He served under the administration and leadership of Bishop Rufus Maze where he was mentored, trained, and tutored.


            Elder Andrae Maze served the Deliverance Overcoming Church of God in several capacities: he continued as the Adult Sunday School Teacher, he became the Assistant Pastor for three years, and then Co-Pastor for two years after that. After his pastor and father Bishop Rufus Maze had taken ill Elder Andrae Maze continue having services, taking on the full administrative duty of the Church, and continued pushing the vision of his pastor and Bishop. During this time he served the Church as Intermediate Pastor. At the sick bed of the late Pastor Bishop Rufus Maze the fellow Bishops gathered around his bed side and asked who would be his successor, and without hesitation he said my youngest son Andrae shall take the Church on.



             Elder Andrae Maze was installed as Senior Pastor of The Deliverance Overcoming Church of God on May 18, 2008 where he now serves as Senior Pastor and President of The Deliverance Overcoming Church of God Inc. He was one of the Prayer Line Pastors for Prayer and Praise Ministries who's members and ministry spanned all across the United States from 2010 - 2013. Pastor Maze has appeared on T.V., radio and has preached and taught in many different revivals, conferences, trainings, seminars, and events both sacred and secular. There are many recent accomplishments under Pastor Maze’s administration and work; like his Minister Training Classes wear he teach and mentor Ministers and Pastors, the redeveloping of the Church business structure, and the Church emphasis on spiritual formation for growth and ministry.


             Pastor Elder Andrae D. Maze was consecrated to the Holy office of Bishop in The Lord’s Church May 19, 2013 after serving one year probation. Chosen by God, appointed and consecrated by Apostle Donald Jennings, Bishop Karl Jackson, and Bishop Clarence Price, and accepted and affirmed by the people. Bishop Andrae Maze is teaching and preaching a message of transformation to minister to the whole person: spiritually, physically, mentally, economically, and socially.  He comes from a family with a rich heritage of pastors, preachers, singers and musicians up to the 3rd and 4th generations. He is Bishop Andrae Deon Maze.