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About Our Church

Church History

The Deliverance Overcoming Church's Charter was signed and sealed November 29, 1995. The first service was December 31, 1995; starting at 10:00 p.m. going into the New Year of 1996. This service took place at 1129 East 79th Street. On Sunday December 26, 1999; The Deliverance Overcoming Church rendered its last service to the Lord at 1129 E. 79th Street. The Deliverance Overcoming Church  pastored by Bishop Rufus Maze moved its existence to 7201 Quincy Avenue.  The first service was held Friday, December 31, 1999 starting at 9:00 p.m. going into a new year, a new millennium, and a new beginning.



Making ambassadors for the Kingdom of God where Christ is the priority, and we are His workmanship unlocking the Kingdom of Heaven.


Create a Kingdom culture in the city of Cleveland through teaching and discipling people and societal systems – Kingdom Keys & Technologies


Position people into Kingdom culture; empowering them for everyday life where everything they do, build, and construct is an understood Kingdom reality     

Who We

We are an Apostolic house that believe in the five-fold ministry being utilized fully for the training, maturing, and nurturing of God's people to their fullest potential. 

We believe in the Supernatural manifestations of the power and glory of God. It is commonly seen in our services through the operation and demonstration of the Gifts of the Spirit.

We believe in impacting of our neighborhood and community through love and empowerment. We partner with community services to provide total life ministry to the whole person.

We want to make sure all are prepared to go to heaven through the Gospel of Christ. We also believe in training and teaching people how to live the supernatural life everyday as "Normal Christianity" through the Gospel of the Kingdom. 

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