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Meet Our Staff


Apostle / Senior Pastor / CEO

Andrae Deon Maze

Apostle Andrae Deon Maze leads a ministry hub called ADM Ministries. ADM Ministries leads Deliverance Overcoming Church; Kingdom Impact Networks; DOC Networks; Kingdom Impact School of Supernatural (KISOS); Wisdom Keys and Kingdom Technologies television ministry; partner, advisor, and instructor for School of the Prophets and School of the Apostles; and partner with TCT TV as a host and guess personality for the “Ask the Pastor” program. Apostle Andrae Maze has another organization called ADM Networks LLC where it is contracted to help establish non-profits and get them certified with Mental Health and Addiction Services. ADM Networks LLC partner with the local and state governments of Ohio in these initiatives and with Fathers and Sons of Northeast Ohio, Inc. Apostle Maze is active in impacting this world with the kingdom of God utilizing apostolic grace for the social sectors as well as training and activating others spiritually.

Tel: (866) 262-8006

Prophetess / Dir. of Ministries

Tonia R. Maze

Lady Tonia Maze is the Director of Ministries and Liaisons. She also leads the Elect Ladies Global Leadership Ministry. She is a Senior Leader on the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees. She is an ordained Elder and the Executive Advisor for the Young People's Ministries.

Tel: (866) 214-2377


Elder / Pastor

Earl Richardson

Elder Richardson is a five-fold ministry Pastor who has been ordained and is licensed to solemnize marriage. He is the Director of Professional Ministry Technicians (PMT), marriage mentor, Men's Ministry Leader, and counsels. Pastor Richardson owns another organization called Mom's Roadside Barbeque where they feed and provide meals. He is a Senior Leader on the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees. He is an ordained Elder

Tel: (216) 391-7289

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